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How to Remodel the Kitchen for Maximum Value

Shapes of Kitchens

Remodeling your kitchen isn’t as simple as choosing a best countertops and cabinet colors. There are many types of remodeling projects you can undertake from design to materials.

One of the first items to take into consideration is the actual design of the space. There are four basic kitchen design shapes:

L-shaped kitchen. This is a great shape if you do a lot of entertaining in your kitchen area.

Galley kitchen. These kitchens work best if you have a small space because you will have a kitchen that is long and narrow. This is a time-saver for some as you have easy, and almost instant, access to the refrigerator and stove. If you’re more of a utilitarian kitchen type, and don’t want to entertain in your kitchen, a galley design might be best.

U-shape kitchen. With a U-shape design the counter tops curve around and you can construct it with an island where people can sit and relax.

An island. If you opt for an island kitchen design you will place the island in the center of the kitchen. An island can have space for chairs on one end and even an indoor grill on the other.

The Remodel Process 

Before you make the leap into your kitchen remodel, visit stores and look at the kitchen set-ups and imagine how it will fit with your lifestyle. Once you’ve decided on a design, here are some other items to keep in mind before and during the remodel process:

+ First and foremost, is to decide on a budget and stick with it.

+ How many cooks will be in the kitchen? You don’t want a galley style if two or more people will want to cook at the same time.

+ How much entertaining will you do in the kitchen? Do you have a separate dining room space for meals and entertaining?

+ Do you need a lot of counted space for cooking and meal preparation?

+ Will your existing appliances fit in the newly designed space or will you need to upgrade?

+ Do you have access to a lot of natural lighting or will you need to add lighting into your design and remodel plan?

+ Will you need, or want, a separate pantry space?

This is just a small portion of the ideas you will need to think about before you undertake a kitchen remodel. Remember too, you will have to choose counter tops and cabinet design, layout and color. The flooring you choose will pull the whole room together so make certain that is a big part of your design plan when talking to a kitchen remodel professional. Once the project is done, take some time and pick out area rugs to place in front of your sink and even in front of the stove; they help protect flooring and keep your feet cozy and warm.